Photos by Ana T. Pimentel

Photos by Ana T. Pimentel


March 1st, 2016 New York,NY - Christine Carrier Arts is thrilled to announce the KES Project, a collaboration between  clothing designer Lia Kes and fine artist Diego Anaya. 

Fashion meets art at KES where two artists’ souls transcend to create a magical moment.“Depth” is paint and thread on canvas, 54 x 56” and an original painting at Kes, 463 Amsterdam Avenue at 82nd Street.
Kes and Anaya’s subtlety is key to their mutual elegance. Diego Anaya said  “The beauty resides in the juxtaposition of elements, the treatment and the respect of the materials and most important the apparent simplicity on something that is complex”
 “Kes designs reflect her upbringing, the realities of her current life and her vision for the future”.  A close look at any Kes garment reveals her meticulous attention to detail, construction and use of high quality materials.  An even closer look offers a window into the humility of Kes coupled with the sophistication and edginess of her modern, urban reality living in New York City.  She effortlessly dresses the modern woman –from day to night, beyond trends, seasons and her ever-changing moods-and make her feel both empowered and naturally beautiful.
Kes is a native of Kibbutz Afikim, grew up in an idealistic Israeli pioneering community in northern Israel.  Kibbutz life required day-to-day simple, practical clothing made at the communal sewing workshop known as the “matpera”. The women who staffed the matpera inspired a young Kes and she was taught to use a sewing machine at the age of 12. Today Lia Kes “ brings her minimalistic style, exquisite fabrics to the Upper West Side”.
Diego Anaya is a Mexican born abstract painter living in New York City and a member of the Art Students League of New York.  In less than five years in the art scene, Diego’s success in sharing his work with art aficionados has quickly grown and resulted in rapid exposure throughout the U.S., Mexico and Asia.  “My idea for the KES Project comes from the feeling and vibration of the space, the resemblance in the work, the echo of the visual textures, from the rhythm of living in New York City., the collaboration of artists and the bridge between fashion and art.
Christine Carrier Arts is an art world concierge management company with experience producing Art Fairs and Pop Up events in NYC and Miami, as well as consulting with galleries on market strategies to increase their visibility and brand recognition.

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